Emsculpt NEO


Emsculpt NEO is the first device to build muscle and sculpt your body. Through the high-intensity electromagnetic therapy procedure, one can enlarge current muscles, as well as grow new muscle fibers. The Emsculpt NEO procedure is currently FDA cleared to treat your abdominals, buttocks, arms, calves, and thighs. 

Lying Woman Receiving Emsculpt NEO Treatment in Stomach | Montecito Med Spa in Montecito, CA
Lying Slim Woman Undergoing Emsculpt NEO Treatment in Stomach | Montecito Med Spa in Montecito, CA


  • Suitable for: Muscle toning and fat elimination
  • Best Results: 3 treatments
  • Duration of Results: 6 months
  • Treatment Recovery: None
  • Risks & Complications: Low
  • Anesthetic: None
  • Procedure Time: 30 minutes
  • Back to Work: Same day


Emsculpt NEO is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM+) and radiofrequency energy (RF). It combines HIFEM+ and RF energies to build muscle and destroy unwanted fat cells simultaneously.

Radiofrequency energy heats the muscles, preparing them for the stress of the following muscle contractions. This is similar to the value of warm-ups before physical exercises. Within four minutes, the subcutaneous fat cells are heated to the temperature suitable for apoptosis, i.e., the destruction of fat cells. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they’re sent to your body’s lymphatic system for subsequent expulsion.

High-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM+) is used to induce muscle contractions in targeted areas. It bypasses the brain’s limitations to induce thousands of powerful muscle contractions, which would not be achievable during a typical workout. One Emsculpt NEO session induces the same amount of muscle contractions as weeks of regular workouts. Extreme stress forces your muscles to adapt, thereby enhancing the muscle fibers.


  • Thighs
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
Man Lying in Prone Position & Receiving Emsculpt NEO Treatment on his Hand | Montecito Med Spa in Montecito, CA
Lying Woman Receiving Emsculpt NEO Treatment on her Thighs | Montecito Med Spa in Montecito, CA


  • Burns fat
  • Builds muscle
  • No downtime
  • Non-surgical
  • Pain-free
  • Defines abs
  • Lifts buttocks


Your Emsculpt NEO treatment starts with a personalized consultation with our specialists. We carefully examine your treatment areas, discuss your goals, and curate the ideal treatment plan for you. Each treatment plan is personalized to ensure optimal results aligned with your expectations.

During the procedure, the cosmetic provider will apply the Emsculpt NEO applicators to the targeted areas on your body, such as the thighs, biceps, triceps, abdomen, or buttocks. The device will deliver radiofrequency energy to heat up the subcutaneous fat cells and induce thousands of muscle contractions when activated.

Emsculpt NEO is an extremely comfortable procedure. Most people compare the sensation to a hot stone massage. Some of our patients even fall asleep during the procedure, while others listen to music or read a book.


Emsculpt NEO doesn’t involve downtime or an extended recovery period. You may experience some soreness in your muscles, similar to the aftereffects of a workout. However, you can resume your daily activities and work immediately — the soreness will dissipate in a few hours or days.


Emsculpt NEO produces consistent results with each session. Clinical studies have shown that 3 Emsculpt NEO sessions lead to a 25% increase in muscle mass and a 30% decrease in fat volume in the targeted areas, on average. However, the results gradually appear over several weeks and months rather than all at once, so most of your friends and family will think the results are due to your workouts. The results are backed by 30+ scientific publications since this treatment platform was introduced in 2018.

Find out how Emsculpt can benefit your body by scheduling a constultation today.


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